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SYNTHA-6® EDGE it’s a great-tasting protein powder that can be used at any time of the day. Combining a blend of different whey and milk protein sources with unrivalled taste, SYNTHA-6® EDGE delivers the same incredible taste you’ve come to expect from SYNTHA-6® but with an even better macronutrient profile than the original.Syntha-6 is one of BSN’s most popular and effective protein supplements. It is a nutritious and multi-functional protein supplement as it includes essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and a good source of fiber.

SYNTHA-6® is the go-to protein for any nutrition or exercise regimen because it is designed to suit a variety of active lifestyles and diet plans. And with SYNTHA-6®, the high standard of quality protein comes with taste to match, thanks to BSN®'s exclusive flavor technology.SYNTHA-6™ is an ultra-premium lean muscle protein powder, BSN's best-tasting protein supplement on the market. Its formula features multiple quality proteins resulting in a nutritious and multi-functional protein supplement that ensures an athlete's muscles a quality supply of protein building blocks.

RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS- BSN broke through the whey protein flavor barrier once and for all with the introduction of SYNTHA-6. 22G PROTEIN-MATRIX .BSN Syntha 6 Prepare for an onslaught of flavour with Syntha 6, an ultra-premium protein powder with 22 g of protein and an unbeatable milkshake-like taste and texture. Featuring a unique synthesis of premium proteins, Syntha 6 supports muscle growth and repair for your most intense workouts.

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Leaner macronutrient profile with the same great taste of SYNTHA-6™ for athletes looking for an edge in performance while maintaining a leaner physique Protein Per Serving.Buy BSN SYNTHA-6 Whey Protein Powder, Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Isolate Powder, Vanilla Ice Cream, 28 Servings (Package May Vary) on Amazon.com .

SYNTHA-6 je eden izmed najkvalitetnejših proteinskih praškov. Syntha-6 vsebuje kar 6 visokokakovostnih proteinskih virov, ki skupaj z različnimi aminokislinami omogoča najhitrejše možno pridobivanje mišične mase in moči.Syntha-6 Edge is a synthesis of premium proteins, producing a protein-packed shake that gives your muscles the protein they need. With multiple game-changing flavours to choose from, the milkshake-like experience of Syntha-6 Edge will have you convinced it’s your cheat day. Help grow your muscles and reward your taste buds with Syntha-6.

Shop - Fresh Stock - FREE shipping - Authentic Products.Buy BSN SYNTHA-6 EDGE Whey Protein Powder, Hydrolyzed Whey, Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Isolate Powder, Vanilla Milkshake, 48 Servings (Package .

dietna spomladi en sam gram maščobe 15 kg, 35 dni, da izgubijo težo pri 29 kg

5 of the 6 proteins contained in Syntha-6 are derived from milk; therefore, there is a degree of lactose in Syntha-6. Given your lactose intolerance condition, whether or not you can consume Syntha-6 is a question best answered by your primary care physician. He or she will be able to assess the severity of your lactose intolerance and make a recommendation. We have gotten feedback.BSN Syntha-6 Edge is a synthesis of premium proteins to provide muscles with the nutritional support they require to maximise recovery and growth, and help you achieve results. Servings Per Container.