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VIVO Kefir is a starter culture for homemade kefir. This starter culture contains a unique natural symbiosis – a microflora of kefir fungi consisting of bacteria of various species and strains.Kefir Guru aim is to gather kefir recipes from all round the world and share them with you! Everything we know about Kefir, Milk Kefir and Water Kefir you will find on our page for free. We want this place to be your main source of information about healthy lifestyle with kefir.

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I was also making cow milk kefir using raw milk for my family and I tried it and was perfectly fine so I quickly switched over to that from coconut milk kefir. Since then many of you have asked me for a recipe for coconut milk kefir and I finally getting around to posting.Exploring Kefir – Vegan Alternatives to Fermented Dairy. Written by Deborah Published on June 18, 2013. Kefir is, by definition, a fermented beverage made from milk. Similar in nature to yogurt, this decadent drink is packed with beneficial bacteria, or probiotics. Kefir usually has a creamy texture and a light foam with a little.

Sevdanem • Pastörize.Sep 24, 2018 This is a detailed review of kefir and its health benefits. Kefir is a fermented milk drink that is highly nutritious and contains live probiotics.

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I have used kefir grains from here 3 times. Quality is good. The grains grow properly in amul or oth. er better quality milk( at 12 hrs range of 22 degree.increase in temp hastens things). In general You strain the grains for next cycle when its formed a nearly curd consistency or at first sight watery.Dec 1, 2016 Kefir is a fermented milk beverage that has mythical origins deep in the Caucasus Mountains in Russia. The name itself is Russian in origin, .

Introduction: Milk Kefir - Step by Step Guide Kefir Is a fermented milk drink made with live kefir “grains” which are a combination yeasts and bacteria. Kefir is much like yogurt except they differ based on the type of cultures used to ferment.Nov 1, 2018 Water kefir is being hailed as the new kombucha. Here, we explain how its health benefits compare to its fermented cousin.

Learn more about making Water Kefir at home and its benefits with our extensive FAQ. Water Kefir makes a great soda alternative, with a probiotic.The water kefir (named after I guess but has a thousand names) thrives on sugar and minerals and kefir needs dairy– you can culture coconut milk etc with kefir but it needs replenishment in dairy….