Updated 07-10-2018

Monodiet z podsolnichnom oljem

Oct 3, 2018 If you've done any research on losing weight, you've probably heard about the mono diet. One of the top 10 most Googled diets of 2016, the .Apr 25, 2017 The pineapple diet is a mono diet. What does that mean? That means it's a highly restrictive diet. Gradual diets are not as restrictive, and you .Nov 9, 2016 It's no illusion: Magician Penn Jillette is much slimmer these days. Even he admits the way he started was "very extreme.".Aug 2, 2018 The mono diet is the new weight loss craze sweeping social media. Here's a comprehensive guide to what I like to call the first step to an eating .So what was it that I did…….a three day mono diet where I only ate apples! that is supposed to help remedy this I decided.

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